Spring and Summer Flowers at AT Nursery Wholesalers

Our favourite time has arrived, we thrive in the joyful Spring and Summer Flowers months. We entertain around the pool or braai and frequently have friends over; windows are opened and we all start working on our houses and apartments. South Africans are blessed with the Joy of excellent weather and with this comes the ability to grow plants for every occasion and colour scheme. It doesn’t matter if your flower beds or pots are in shade or sun, there is a choice for all.

Why not change your garden bed or pots to match the table settings under your lapa, in your dining area or match your pots to the colour palette of your house? Herbs in your kitchen, colourful flowers on your windowsills or patio, garden beds which will make you the talk of the town, guaranteed.

The Joy of growth is everywhere during spring and summer, and no one can deny the Joy that nurturing and enjoying your plants will bring. Gardening is an activity that everyone can be part of, young and old. No special skills are required!

The sense of relaxation, calmness and Joy that gardening brings is the very tonic that we all need to help rejuvenate and strengthen us to manage any challenge life has to offer. Suggested Spring and Summer Flowers are as follows:

Spring and Summer Flowers Inca Lillies

Inca Lillies

Alstroemeria Indian Summer

Alstroemeria Indian Summer are also known as Inca Lillies. These rhizome forming plants are a favourite for the vase as well as the garden. This variety is a mid-height type, growing to about 65cm. They do best in a full sun to part sun position and don’t mind regular watering and feeding. This particular one is cold and frost resistant, and maintains it foliage through Winter.

Spring and Summer Flowers Daisies


Argyranthemum Madeira

Argyranthemum Madeira (Pink), also commonly referred to as Daisy Bushes, are perennial plants that flower almost all year round.

They produce masses of daisies on 50cm high bushes. They are available in a wide range of colours, and also double flowers. Plant in full sun for best results.

Autumn and Winter Flowers Gazania


Gazania New Day Rose

Gazania (Stripe) are perfect for hot dry areas where nothing else will grow. The more sun they get, the more the flowers will open, and the more flowers there will be. They are perfect for borders, rockeries and containers. They grow to about 20cm tall and spread up to 30cm. If planted in shady spots, the flowers will not open. They are available in many different colours, even striped ones as pictured.

Summer Gerbera flowers


Gerbera Revolution Mega

These indigenous favourites can be used in containers or in the garden. The blooms are great as cut flowers, and are available in many different colours. The ‘Mega’ range are bigger plants with much bigger blooms that perform well in the garden. Growing to a height of about 40cm, these make an excellent feature plant. It is important to keep them moist, but do not overwater.

Cape Daisy

Cape Daisy

Osteospermum Beauty

Osteospermum (Blue Eyed) Beauty, also known as Cape Daisy, is an indigenous perennial and is a favourite amongst gardeners for their spring show of bright colourful flowers. These hybrid varieties are bred to flower almost all year round, so they are always great for brightening up a dull area. They grow to about 45cm and are available in many different colours. Plant in full sun for best results.



Pelargonium Lollipop

Ivy leaf Geraniums (Burgandy & White) are used for containers, baskets, rockeries and retaining walls. They can be planted in full sun, and will take a bit of dappled shade. These are a trailing variety that should not be over-watered. Reaching a spread of up to 65cm, they can cover an area very well.



Petunia Amore

The Petunia Amore (Queen Of Hearts), is a beautiful cascading Petunia with an unusual colour balance of dark pink and yellow. If you look carefully, you will notice the little pink hearts that form at the edge of the flower. These are perfect for containers in sunny areas, and can spread up to 60cm. Feed often to get the best results.