Title - Autumn Winter

South Africans, as a whole, are outdoor people and find it difficult to be closeted indoors during the colder months. It’s not surprising that we find any opportunity to be outside, or to bring the outside in, during the autumn and winter seasons.

Knowing this, AT Nursery have focused on ensuring that no one needs to dread a drab winter garden or home. We have an extensive range of autumn and winter flowers with amazing colours that just love the winter season’s cooler conditions. From 9cm pots to 25cm pots as well as 4 and 6 packs, there’s a winter plant for every situation. Don’t wake up miserable in winter, start your day with the Joy of colour. You can have splendid colour bursting from your garden beds! Full sun or shade plants, there’s an option for everyone.

As one of the biggest and best primroses growers in South Africa, AT Nursery ensure that these awesome autumn and winter flowers are always readily available to create a great cold season garden.

Autumn and Winter Flowers calendula orange


Calendula Orange

Calendula, also sometimes referred to as Winter Marigolds, are a must have for the winter garden. They have insect repelling qualities and edible flowers with medicinal properties. They do best in full sun, and don’t mind being a little dry.

They are also an important pollen source for bees in winter. They grow to about 30cm high with a spread of a similar length.

Autumn and Winter Flowers Gazania


Gazania New Day Rose

Gazania New Day Rose (Stripe) are perfect for hot dry areas where nothing else will grow. The more sun they get, the more the flowers will open, and the more flowers there will be. They are perfect for borders, rockeries and containers. Growing to about 20cm and spreading up to 30cm. If planted in shady spots, the flowers will not open. They are available in many different colours, even striped ones as pictured.

Autumn and Winter Flowers Pansy Panola


Pansy Panola Marina

This little Pansy is classed somewhere between a Pansy and a Viola. The distinction is the size of the flower, which is in between the two.

This is a perfect Pansy for the landscape as it is a prolific producer of flowers.

Plant in a sunny spot for masses of flowers. They grow to about 25cm high and love the cold weather.

Flower Primrose Bi-colour


Primula Primrose

Primroses (Rose Bicolour) are one of our specialty crops. As they are part of the Primula family, they need cold temperatures to flower well. They are perfect as a border plant, or grown in containers. Plant in shade to semi-shade for the best results. They only grow to about 15cm high, but can spread to about 20cm. They are available in many different colours, and don’t forget that the yellow flowers have an incredible fragrance. Make your winter garden come alive with these beauties.

Ranunculus Mache yellow flower


Ranunculus Mache Yellow

This spectacular bulb forming Annual is one of the best winter flowering plants around.

It produces bright rose shaped blooms, that can be picked for the vase. Plant in full sun, and do not over water.

They grow to a height of about 40cm, and perform well in both borders and containers.

Viola Sorbet Flower for winter in South Africa

Viola Sorbet

Viola Sorbet Beacon Rose 

Viola Sorbet (Bicolour) is the perfect winter flowering annual for borders or containers. Growing to about 25cm in height and spread, this colourful annual will make any winter garden a pleasure to behold.

Plant in full sun to get the best performance from this little winner. Do not over water, morning watering is preferred. The Sorbet range has a spectacular assortment of colours available.