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“Our Joy grows when we bring Joy to others.”

We at AT Nursery aspire to bring Joy to everyone through the plants that we nurture, whether through planting the seedlings in your garden and watching them grow, enjoying the brilliant colours of the blossoms, or simply enjoying the birds, bees and insects they attract. There is great satisfaction in creating meals with vegetables and herbs grown by your own hand or just taking a moment out of your day to breathe and enjoy the calmness you feel when admiring your potted plant on the windowsill.

AT Nursery is a family-run organisation that has brought the Joy of Growth to South Africans for over 30 years. The Nursery was started by Andy Titterton, a quiet, determined nurseryman with a deep passion for plants and a dedication to the horticultural industry in South Africa. Andy’s horticultural mastery attracted employees with the same enthusiasm for growing and distributing excellent quality plants to garden and plant enthusiasts.

Initially working with and being nurtured by his Uncle Andy, Angelo Pereira, the current MD, took over AT Nursery ten years ago.

Along with a fantastic team, many having been with the company for over a decade, Angelo continued leading the company with dedication and spirit. Bringing Joy to those who have already discovered the love of plants, flowers and gardening as well as introducing this Joy to as many people as possible is part of the AT Nursery’s DNA; it gives us Joy in return.

To achieve this Joy for all, we know that only the best quality plants will do; when you buy an AT seedling, you can always be confident that it has been grown with care using the best practices and top quality materials.

We have worked exceptionally hard and diligently to reach a point where we have become recognised leaders throughout our industry, and by plant enthusiasts all over the country as a grower and distributor of exceptional quality. We are very proud of this. We are not done, though, as we continue to strive for even better.

So when you ask for an AT plant at a retail nursery, know that it’s been nurtured by people who love growing and who understand what Joy it brings.

With Joy

Angelo Pereira

Company Overview

A flower crop ready for transport
Staff member pushing wheelbarrow full of seedlings
About AT Nursery - Crates of flowers ready to be shipped to retail outlets

Andy Titterton Wholesale Nursery Pty Ltd (AT Nursery) is a leading wholesale horticultural nursery focused on growing and selling perennial and annual colour crops for re-sale to a broad range of retail nurseries and stores, which includes corporate groups and independent retailers.

The company grows one of the widest ranges of perennial and annual plant varieties in South Africa in sizes and containers, including:

  • Pots from 9 cm to 25 cm
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Gifting ranges
  • Seedlings

Recognising the need for innovation within the South African horticultural industry, AT Nursery has been at the forefront of introducing and launching new and exclusive product varieties and lines within the industry. It is recognised for exceptionally high quality of its products and as market leading innovators. 

A highly skilled technical team ensure leading edge methodologies always remain a focus within the organisation. Operational successes such as the introduction of, a first of its kind in the country, robotic transplanting unit to the production facility has significantly increased productivity. 

Concurrent with operational and technological innovations and improvements the company has given significant attention to quality, health, safety and environmental issues which includes yearly Social and Environmental audits. Continuous improvement strategies within these key areas ensure products sustain the company’s excellent reputation for quality throughout the industry.

AT Nursery is proud to be the main seedling / colour supplier to SA’s largest retail nursery outlet as well as supplying three of the largest nursery groups in South Africa. The company has developed strong, enduring and long-term client relationships whilst continually growing its client base of over 120 retail nurseries. Additionally, AT Nursery supplies a large number of independent stores including many of the leading independent nurseries in its areas of distribution. 

The company has significantly grown its geographical footprint from Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounds to include the entire Gauteng region as well Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West and Free State. The company also supplies two stores in Botswana and one in Newcastle.

AT Nursery has a well-developed logistics department and distributes directly to all of its clients via its own distribution facility, which has recently been upgraded to accommodate expanding sales and geographic delivery area. The company’s systems are structured to accommodate order distribution within 24 hours, with most clients requiring delivery weekly and bi-weekly during peak season. The logistics team ensure orders are picked, packed and labelled according to client requirements and made ready for our fleet to facilitate sales and distribution to these areas.

The vision of the management and staff of AT Nursery is to be the top colour supplier throughout South Africa. With operational facilities and processes which are world class, we are confident of and committed to the realisation of this vision and the company’s continued growth and success.

Flower grower tending seedlings