Edible Range AT Nursery Wholesale Plants

As the world embraces organically grown food, many people have found growing vegetables and herbs for their own table is not only a joyful and relaxing hobby but financially beneficial too, so why not jump on board? The flavour and texture of you own garden-grown produce surpasses any store bought products, and tending your herb and vegetable garden brings joy and healthy exercise. Whether you have a large garden or a selection of herbs in small pots on your windowsill. Fresh is always best!

AT Nursery grow a range of edible crops that are not only wonderfully fresh and tasty, but also sought after for their quality and rareness. From many coloured carrots, tomatoes and beetroot, to a large range of fruiting plants that you can grow and pick right from the pot. Then there’s culinary herbs as used on cooking shows across the world. Become the next ‘best chef’and try something different in the kitchen. Don’t forget your furry friends: there’s catnip for your kitty, and pet grass for Mr. Woof.

Edible Range of multi-coloured carrots

Mixed Carrots

These rainbow-coloured root vegetables will not only improve your eyesight, but your meals too! Best kept in full sun, these nutrient-filled veggies will produce all autumn if planted in the spring to summer period.

Edible Purple Broccoli

Purple Broccoli

Also known as winter-sprouting broccoli, this veggie is great at withstanding cold temperatures, however it thrives in full sun. Dry winter conditions will not severely affect this broccoli. Plus, the bold colour is sure to make even the pickiest of eaters love veggies.

Romanesco Cauliflower Edible range of vegetables

Romanesco Cauliflower

This intricately patterned cauliflower is definitely a show stopper, with a unique nutty taste to match its looks. Also enjoying full sun exposure, it does best in cooler months and consistent watering is a must. The effort will reward you with an interesting addition to your garden!

Mixed coloured tomatoes

Mixed tomatoes

These vibrant mixed tomatoes do best in full sun with a moderate amount of water. The colourful combination is sure to put a smile on any fruit (or is it a veggie?) lover’s face. No matter if you’re team veg or team fruit (right choice!), these tomatoes will bring a splash of joy to any summer salad.

Yellow Watermelon

Yellow Watermelon

This yellow version of the much loved watermelon was actually cultivated before the more popular red type. With a slightly sweeter honey taste, we can understand why. Needing full sunlight and moderate watering to grow, this summer fruit will be a staple at all pool parties and braais from now on.

Mixed coloured beetroot

Mixed Beetroots

Pickle, steam, eat raw; the options are endless for these rainbow beetroots. One thing is certain: these multi-coloured root veggies are deliciously sweet! Doing best in part sun and with regular watering, this veg will not only add colour, but wonderful flavour to your meal.

Rainbow coloured Chard (Spinach)

Rainbow Chard

This cousin of the beetroot family shares the vibrant colour of the mixed beetroots we have available. This earthy and slightly bitter spinach can be used stalk, leaf and all. Thriving in full sun and with regular watering, It’s an exciting alternative to your average greens!

Black Aztec Corn

Black Aztec Corn

The darker version of the South African staple. Although the heads of corn are smaller than yellow corn, it makes up for its size in numbers, producing up to 10 cobs per plant. Make sweetcorn or maize meal, this black veg is just as diverse as its yellow variant. It does not need large amounts of water, but definitely needs to be in full sun.