About Us

Andy Titterton Nursery has been in operation for over 30 years, in this time it has grown from strength to strength, the passion and commitment of management and staff leading to it becoming a leading wholesale nursery.

We pride ourselves on both the quality of our products as well as our dedication to customer service.

Our committed staff make use of leading edge machinery and ongoing training to produce products of exceptional quality.

We add industry leading slow release fertiliser to our soil blend to ensure our product has an excellent shelf life, continuing to be fertilised for an extended period whilst at the retailer and when planted in a customers garden.

Our commitment to quality is driven from this strategic level and in order to maintain our high standards and expectations we have committed ourselves to undergoing an annual quality audit by the SABS which evaluates our operational and quality control processes, procedures and systems.

We are very proud of the fact that we continuously achieve in the upper 90% for this audit.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes but that we own our mistakes, accept responsibility, learn from them and improve accordingly.